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The Elephant Emporium

Welcome to The Elephant Emporium, a Fair Trade business created from our love of travel to Southeast Asia and seeing our first handcarved wooden elephant. We had a desire to bring this talented workmanship to the lives of other people, so we started working with many Artisans from Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our mission is to bring economic empowerment and a sustainable income to our Artisans in the developing world. We build strong relationships with them, which broaden our understanding and appreciation of not only their needs, but also their hopes and dreams. We then import the results of their creative workmanship, these unique and interesting products, making them available to you, the consumer.

When you purchase one of these products, you choose to join us on the journey of “Making a difference” in the lives of others worldwide. In this partnering relationship, you have the assurance that your purchases provide that socially-responsible “Give Back” so essential within our global community!

The Elephant Emporium

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